Surf House


House No. 1, Surf House


Ditch Plains, Montauk, New York


Maria McManus & Mark Gibson




2013 - 2015

Surf House is shaped by the raw beauty of its context. Located in the small beach enclave of Ditch Plains, long a favorite of surfers and bohemians, the house seeks to capture the warm otherworldly spirit that fills the salt air.

Designed for a young West Village family drawn to the area in part because of the similarity to their native Ireland, the house embraces the natural materials, finishes and landscape traditional to the area. In the spirit of the early Hampton’s work of architects such as Richard Meier and Charles Gwathmey, the traditional materials are made contemporary through a reductive color palate and the use of pure, primitive forms. Forms which have presence but whose asymmetry produces an unidentifiable dissonance.


Photographs: © Scott Frances/ OTTO